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Synopsis :
Period drama depicts the ambitions and success stories of 6 people with Lee Bang Won as the central figure. Lee Bang Won was the third king in the Joseon Dynasty. He helped his father King Taejo establish the Joseon Dynasty.

Details of this drama :
Title : 육룡이 나르샤 / Six Flying Dragons
Broadcast network : SBS
Episodes : 50
Genre : Historical, Politics
Air time : Monday and Tuesday 22:00
Broadcast period : 2015-October-05 to 2016-March-22

six flying dragons

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Ratings for Six Flying Dragons Episode 1 :
Date : 2015/10/05
TNMS (Nationwide) : 10.6 (11th)
TNMS (Seoul) : 12.5 (6th)
AGB (Nationwide) : 12.3 (7th)
AGB (Seoul) : 13.5 (4th)
Sources : TNmS Media Korea and AGB Nielsen Korea