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Synopsis :
A pinocchio syndrome suffered by a journalist named Choi In Ha. Hiccups will happen to her when she is lying. So, Choi In Ha can not tell a lie at all. Choi Dal Po, a man who actually has a handsome face but he doesn’t good at choosing fit fashion for him. He is a rookie journalist at a broadcasting company. Before becoming a journalist, a taxi driver was the main job of Choi Dal Po. He lost his parents and the memories of his past due to a tragic incident that happened when he was a kid. Choi Dal Po doesn’t have what it should have to be able to become a successful journalist. Then, they meet and fall in love.

This Drama tells the story of the journalists who worked at a broadcasting company. As time goes by and the increasing level of maturity, they will soon realize that protecting the truth is their job.

Details of this drama :
Title : Pinocchio / 피노키오
Broadcast network : SBS
Episodes : 20
Genre : fantasy, romance, family
Air time : Wednesday and Thursday 21:55
Broadcast period : 2014-November-12 to 2015-January-15


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Ratings for Pinocchio episode 4 :
Date : 2014/11/20
TNMS (Nationwide) : 10.6 (14th)
TNMS (Seoul) : 12.8 (6th)
AGB (Nationwide) : 10.4 (16th)
AGB (Seoul) : 11.8 (10th)
Sources : TNmS Media Korea and AGB Nielsen Korea
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    yes rate more become more higher fighting…

  • ennaira skye

    Jinjja~ you’re fast~ thanks for uploading ^o^~

    can’t wait for the next episode~ There’s sooo much twists and turns~

  • Nelz Palmes

    thanks for the hard work on this episode…… i really like enjoyed this episode i almost died laughing on the scene In Ha’s dad and grandpa….a well mixed emotion i laughed and cried with them.. and it would be shame if i miss this episode…. so thank you so much for your hard work on the updates…..