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Synopsis :
Hae-Ra is 21-years-old. Her dream is to debut as a singer to let people know about her late father’s musical compositions. Hae-Ra then takes part in the music TV contest program SuperstarK 2 with her childhood twin friends Se-Jong and Se-Chan. They get through the local tryouts and are selected to take part in the program. At super week, Hae-Ra, Se-Jong and Se-Chan area teamed with Henry, Woo-Ri and Jang Goon, but due to unexpected incident they lose. They go back to their daily lives. Several years later, through a shocking incident, the team gather again and make their debut.

Details of this drama :
Title : 칠전팔기 구해라 / Persevere, Goo Hae Ra
a.k.a : Sing Again, Goo Hae Ra / Indomitable Spirit, Goo Hae Ra
Broadcast network : Mnet and tvN
Episodes : 12
Genre : musical, romance
Air time : Friday 23:00
Broadcast period : 2015-January-09 to 2015-March-27

persevere, goo hae ra

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Date : 2015/03/13
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Source : AGB Nielsen Korea
  • Eemi Oaht

    Totally following Tonari No Atashi! Ray (Miyake) & Hae Ra (Nina) fighting!

  • Ioanna Faka

    still no subs 🙁

  • IsLãm L’arbi

    it”s the second time that the episodes are released without subs :'( what’s going on !!

  • SHINEEnono

    i know it takes a lot to sub but seriously, please be a bit faster… >.<

    • ///

      He/She is subbing for us, can’t you wait? Have more patience and appreciate the hardwork. Let’s say he/she stop subbing and which means you will lose a “subber” and your drama. I know you are sorry for saying that but that wasn’t really nice too.Lastly, thank you to the one who put in lots of effort in subbing the dramas.🙏 *he/she is human too, people have to take a rest you know.