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Synopsis :
A drama about the relationship of 4 different couples and a marriage whose stories are centered on a woman who volunteered to be a single mother named Cha Gi Young.

Details of this drama :
Title : 최고의 결혼 / Greatest Marriage
a.k.a : The Best Wedding / The Greatest Wedding
Broadcast network : CSTV
Episodes : 16
Genre : romance, comedy
Air time : Saturday & Sunday 20:30 (ep5 – the end, Saturday 23:00)
Broadcast period : 2014-September-27 to 2014-December-27

greatest marriage

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Ratings for Greatest Marriage episode 16 :
Date : 2014/12/27
Nationwide : 1.589
Source: AGB Nielsen
  • Supaporn Wichien

    thank you…

  • Shellanie Pedrosa

    yay!!!! the ending is.. TY and KY sooo happy for this at least in the end it shows they are t he one holding each other’s hand 🙂

    • Miryo

      could you stop to spoiler everybody else in the comments?

      • Mel


  • Claudia Gomez

    weirdly enough it felt uncompleted like something missing.

  • Shellanie Pedrosa

    i can’t wait for the subtitles… thanks for making my day today seems like I got my ending right 😀

    • Mel

      Me too 😊

    • Notworthit

      No way the ending was like boom no explanation just there out of the blue. Rushed ending infact rushed drama! Worst drama

  • Mona

    how can u just end it like that?!
    how retarded..

  • serena

    What a weird ending ?

  • sharondenise1

    This is a weird ending for sure. They “did a funny thing” after all the tragic, all I’m thinking is that the writer is so crazy LOL
    Ara & Cha Dan have 2 fathers (Is like let’s make a sandwich, fathers in the sides & the mom & the child between)
    I laugh at this ending & with Ara’s Happy period song like WTF XD

    • ʬʬ-ʚïɞ Putera Akmal ʚïɞ-ʬʬ

      I don’t get the ending.. cha ki young marry with who?

  • celia

    I liked the end…
    I mean you understand alone what happened.
    the ends that I really hate , are the ends where characters die/

  • Gloria Ciruelita

    no se ve se trabo

  • iChintya

    I found it boring since the beginning, but i dont want to judge if i havent finish watching it untill the last episodes… This drama lack of feeling, they cant go deep to get viewers attention to make us feel if we’re in their shoes… The ending is horrible, a lot of questions, like will Cha Ki Young get married? Because the title itself is “greatest marriage”… And if so, with who, Park Tae Yun or Jo Eun Cha? And how is the relationship between Cha Ki Young and Park family? What happened with Hyun Myung Yi and could she help her family with the money she gotbfrom Park Tae Yun after the divorce? A lot of thing missing…
    I see there’s no point of watching it, because there’s no message to the viewers either… It supposed to be called “Single Mother Life” rather than they named it “Greatest Marriage”…

  • fariba

    15 episode was wasting time by this bad end yukk