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Synopsis :
A drama about the relationship of 4 different couples and a marriage whose stories are centered on a woman who volunteered to be a single mother named Cha Gi Young.

Details of this drama :
Title : 최고의 결혼 / Greatest Marriage
a.k.a : The Best Wedding / The Greatest Wedding
Broadcast network : CSTV
Episodes : 16
Genre : romance, comedy
Air time : Saturday & Sunday 20:30 (ep5 – the end, Saturday 23:00)
Broadcast period : 2014-September-27 to 2014-December-27

greatest marriage

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Ratings for Greatest Marriage episode 15 :
Date : 2014/12/20
Nationwide : 1.815
Source: AGB Nielsen
  • sharondenise1

    I don’t get in my head why he protected & helped her before but, when she was pregnant with his baby he just make her get through a lot of things.
    After all that, he make her suffer more by no getting a settlement for the best of the child & take that child away from his mother in a dirty way in court.
    *These writers… I’m working on my breathing before watching this kdrama every saturday.

    • Shellanie Pedrosa

      he did try to make things right for her.. he wanted her to be his wife .. marry her but hard head as she is .. she insisted of raising the kid alone.. he obviously hurt by it and plus so many things that happened coz of his immaturity .. but now at least he realized he can’t live without her so trying to catch things up I think even though I don’t know Korean but I think he bought and condo and give it back to her full title for her and the kid. I wished they have more of this so at least he can redeemed himself and truly be with the one he loves.. I really hope they end up together as happy family ..

      • Isabelle Yap

        She refused to marry him because of his family.. So Taeyeon just thought she never ever did like him truly

  • Guest

    It taking 4ever for it to sub ep.15 can’t wait any longer

  • Mel

    How come Error comes when I try to play it

    • DramaYou

      please refresh the page and dont forget to clear your browser’s cache. Thank you ( k a m s a h a m n i d a ).

      • Mel

        Thank you !

  • Please make them a happy family. Make Taeyun end up with Ki Young. I could see Taeyun’s love for Ki young, only that he is not good in expressing himself. Let him divorce the evil wife and make his parents apologise and accept her.