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Synopsis :
A drama about the relationship of 4 different couples and a marriage whose stories are centered on a woman who volunteered to be a single mother named Cha Gi Young.

Details of this drama :
Title : 최고의 결혼 / Greatest Marriage
a.k.a : The Best Wedding / The Greatest Wedding
Broadcast network : CSTV
Episodes : 16
Genre : romance, comedy
Air time : Saturday & Sunday 20:30 (ep5 – the end, Saturday 23:00)
Broadcast period : 2014-September-27 to 2014-December-27

greatest marriage

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Ratings for Greatest Marriage episode 12 :
Date : 2014/11/29
Nationwide : 1.306
Source: AGB Nielsen
  • Cheryl Rusli

    That girl who is Tae yoon’s wife is such a bitch, there’s no other word that represent her more than this.I hate her so much than i wish she just die in this episode, thx god it’s just a movie, i had no idea whether i’ll have the patience and heart that are mentally prepared to watch the next episode. Maybe i’ll just skip till the very end episode.

  • Claudia Oakridge

    I just hope that the girl that got pregnant from that rich guys doesn’t fall for him until he grows a backbone.

  • Cindy Ngo

    Wow what the honest fuck!? Kidnapping seriously!!!? What in the world is wrong with TY’s family >:( His father is a judgmental prick and it is his own fault if he does not get to know his grandson. Give the mother some damn respect. TY’s mother is a stupid old hag and I hope she suffers along with the kidnapping, gold-digging wife. TY also needs to stop being a selfish dick and stand up to his family if he has even the slightest bit of love for GY. The whole family is a mess, but they all deserve each other. Let them live in misery and regret for being so damn elitist and proud. I hope GY and EC end up together and raise Danny far away from that toxic family.

    • Guest

      I have quick question. It says that the English subtitled version is “coming soon.” How did you get the English subs?

  • Mel

    This makes my heart pounding aaarrrggghhhh! If Park tae And Gi Young did not end up together what a waste LoVe. That stupid Eun CHa started it all because he wanted to gain popularity and used the child 815. I am still really voting for Park Tae and Gi-Young. What a bitch that Mying. The family is such a mess.

    • Guest

      It doesn’t seem like you understand Korean, I don’t either. It says that the English subtitled version is “coming soon.” How did you get the English subs?

      • Mel

        Haha! I have a friend who is Korean watching with me

  • Guest

    It says that the English subtitled one is “coming soon.” I know that not all of you guys are Korean, so how did you get the English subs?

  • Suzie Barlette

    How did you guys get the English subs? Or did you just watch the Korean version??

  • Mel

    It would be The Greatest Marriage if Park Tae and Gi- Young end up together in this drama, with all the things happening to them. The boy perfect feature as their son and song Crazy Love so perfect. ( You Go Minew) love it.

  • Mel

    I wonder how they rate this drama? By the number of viewers?

  • Miss Rose

    So heart breaking :”””(