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Synopsis :
This drama tells the story of a man named Baek Nam Bong who has a high intelligence (genius). He became a professor in psychology when he was still relatively young. Baek Nam Bong known as Dr. Frost. When Baek Nam Bong was a child, he suffered an injury. Consequently, he became less sensitive and very difficult to be sympathetic to others. He uses his deductive reasoning to help procedural teams both officially and unofficially to solve crimes on the side. Then, Baek Nam Bong works along with Yoon Sung Ah ( a teaching assistant ) at the counseling center. They work together to provide assistance to the people who come to the counseling center.

Details of this drama :
Title : Dr. Frost
Broadcast network : OCN
Episodes : 10
Genre : crime, thriller
Air time : Sunday 23:00
Broadcast period : 2014-November-23 to 2015-February-01

dr. frost

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Ratings for Dr. Frost episode 6 :
Date : 2015/01/04
Nationwide : 0.781
Source : AGB Nielsen Korea